Creative & Advertising Strategy

Creative & Advertising Strategy

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Even after a successful introduction, how you continue to present your brand’s image on an on-going basis is key to its success. Developing a brand’s creative strategy requires an investment of time, energy, and a portion of your marketing budget.

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How you decide to introduce your brand to the world is one of the most important business decisions you will make.

How do we plan your
Creative & Advertising

Intentional and Strategic Approach

We work on an outline or blueprint of how the end goals will ultimately be met. Your creative strategy provides the guiding principles for copywriters and art directors who are assigned to develop the advertisement. Within the context of that assignment, any ad that is then created should conform to that strategy, even if you switch agencies.

Multiple Variables

A creative strategy contains moving parts. Each of these parts plays an integral role in meeting the goals that are set. The moving parts consist of detailed market research, an imaging plane, and effective strategic delivery.

Questions to be asked while developing your Creative Strategy

  • Questions to be asked while developing your Creative Strategy
  • What is the story of my business?
  • What are my primary objectives?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are my customers looking for?
  • What calls to action will I utilize?
  • What is the offering, what’s in it for the consumer?
  • What marketing channels will I use?
  • What deliverables will I need?
  • How much budget can I put towards my creative strategy?
  • What are the mandatories that need to be on my creative assets?
  • Do I want the telephone number, email address, or website address? Sadly, this question is often missed.
  • What reference materials will I use to create my creative strategy?
  • What is the story?

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