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Virtual CMO

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What is it?

Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) are responsible for an organization’s marketing and communications strategies, as well as overall branding and image. CMOs prepare annual marketing plans, create a calendar of campaigns and events, set the marketing budget and analyse the market and competitors.

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We put in daily/weekly/monthly rituals/processes to ensure that everything that happens gets tracked and corrective measures can be taken immediately. We drive internal teams and also coordinate with all the external agencies (creative, digital, research, PR, activations, etc) like brand managers to drive consistency in activity and communication.

How do we plan your
Virtual CMO

When would you need a virtual CMO?

  • The success of a company’s products or services often relies on marketing; you would ideally want a CMO with relevant industry experience to oversee the development and implementation of marketing strategies, and brief the team that executes them.
  • We as your virtual CMOs are expected to understand your Brand’s offering and Brand’s target audience, and ensure that standard operating procedures are in place, which will ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

Why is it necessary to have a Chief Marketing Officer?

  • To provide leadership related to Marketing and Communications of business.
  • To ensure that high-quality services/products are delivered effectively, efficiently and consistently, whether it is direct or indirect communications.
  • To ensure that the business’ marketing communications promote the right message to maintain the expected brand image.
  • To spearhead all major Marketing and Communications activities, this means to provide high-quality advice to solve any business problems your organization may have.
  • As the virtual CMO, we will guide the Director with their duties and also work along with the management team to maintain the collective work to a gold standard.

How does it work?

  • We become the sounding board for CEO’s and Marketing Heads.
  • We allocate a certain number of hours to our clients for them to discuss any sales and marketing related challenges/ideas that they encounter for us to give our second opinion on.
  • This is a complete virtual service, wherein the virtual meetings can be scheduled with prior appointments.
  • WWE also participate in the monthly review meetings giving our perspective and critical views on overall business performance.

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