Go-to-Market Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy

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What is it?

It is a comprehensive view of the ecosystem in which your product or service will play. It is built on insights from consumers, category understanding, consumer behaviour trends. It is data-driven, customised to solve your particular problem and relevant to your industry.

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GTM is a plan which gives you a detailed view of consumers, distribution channels, promotion, budgeting, positioning, pricing, product & competition.

How do we plan your
Go-to-Market Strategy?

When would you need a Go-to-Market plan?

Are you having doubts like these:

  • “I have a new product ready at hand but not sure how and where to launch to make it a success?”
  • “Is Social media the best medium to promote my products or should I stick to outdoor hoardings?”
  • “How much money should I allocate to the launch?”
  • “Have I chosen the correct set of consumers to target?”
  • “Is my pricing correct or I am under-charging for the value my product/service will generate for its consumers?”
  • If yes, you are in need of a carefully thought-out Go-to-Market strategy.

Why is it necessary to have a GTM Strategy?

  • It not only brings clarity for the organization on all fundamental aspects of marketing a product or service, it also charts out a detailed action plan which becomes a common goal to chase for every department. Marketing, Sales, Finance and HR get clarity on the deliverables and targets to be achieved at the end of the year. When executed well, a good GTM plan is a sure-shot blueprint for success.

How much time does it take to make the GTM Plan?

  • It takes 12 weeks’ time to deliver. This period is needed for data gathering through Primary and Secondary research (it includes talking to a few consumers to understand their perspective), engaging with the client teams for their side of the story, industry analysis, hypotheses formation and testing and then preparing the final plan.

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