Internship By Bandita Barman, XIM Bhubaneswar

The research work aims at analyzing the consumer behaviour of High Net Worth individuals in order to come up with an effective communication design plan for the targeted clients of Om Sree Builders and Developers.
While reviewing this summary, please keep the following in mind:

The market study is based on online secondary research of the publicly available information from various market analysis reports, websites, blogs and news articles.
It is an analysis of the activities undertaken by various competitors and understanding the agenda behind their approach.
Inspired by the concept of enabling a new Indian lifestyle, OmSree brought a shift in Quality housing spaces. With a presence of over 17 years in this sector, OmSree has developed 1900000+ sq. feet for 1000+ happy families and has ongoing projects of 2800000+ sq. feet. OmSree Builders & Developers continues to strengthen the trust and faith their clients have placed in them by going the extra mile and delivering more than promised. Their utmost priority is to help their clients attain customer satisfaction and provide housing in line with “Giving Shapes to your dreams”. This study was initiated to understand how HNI clients can be served for their premium projects and how to make a fruitful expansion all over India in the years to come.

The report covers the consumer behaviour of the target clients through an analysis of why they pursue luxury brands or a real estate property. Followed by a brief overview of the circumstances that have changed and is predicted to change during the pandemic in their buying behaviour. Last but not the least, detailed analysis of different competitor brands and their positioning. The report includes thorough research of all kinds of communication undertaken by these brands.

The report then suggests what would work for the brand OmSree to level the competition and grab the interest of the target clients, starting with some changes in the company website and then their presence in online, traditional and OOH medium.

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