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Market Research

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Why you may need it

Market Research is an expensive and time intensive exercise. Hence it is imperative that the research objectives are clear before the research starts. The research methodology, type of research required, correct sample size and selection, identifying right hypotheses for the research team to go out and test is the basic groundwork necessary for getting the desired output from the research exercise. In case you do not have in-house capability to set the groundwork for the research and then drive it to its conclusion, you will need assistance.

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What service you can expect from us

We will act as your voice to set the tone for the research. We will guide you in selecting and on-boarding the correct agency. We will shortlist and negotiate on your behalf. Once the agency is on-boarded, we will draft a list of hypotheses depending on your objectives. We will monitor the progress, drive the quality and timelines aggressively. Finally, once the research results are ready, we will sit with you when the agency presents its findings to translate the research output into action points.
For all the execution related issues, we will be the single-point-of-contact from your side for the research agency.

How do we plan your
Market Research Handholding ?

We know what you are thinking!

  • “Do you have a cut in the research agency bill?”
    We don’t have any. We do not recommend agencies based on cost, commission, cut considerations. We find the most suitable agency for your requirement. Agency sends you the bill directly, you pay the agency directly. For the agency, we are one of you.

What is the budget and time required to get market research done?

  • Market Research is commissioned to get insights into or answers to business questions. Time and budget requirements are driven by the scope, type, geography and volume of research required. Hence it can only be decided on a case by case basis.

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