Mentor Start-ups

Mentor Start-ups

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Mentoring is a holistic relationship. Mentoring is a mutually rewarding and wholesome relationship that spans the mental, emotional, and professional dimensions of a founding team’s life.

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Grow your business with advice from subject matter experts. Stop wasting time with blogs and courses.

How do we plan your
mentor Start-ups?

Feedback and perspectives from highly skilled and experienced professionals in growth are extremely valuable. But for many startups – they are in serious short supply.Successful founders and growth marketers are usually unavailable. Getting their attention via cold outreach is hard. Convincing them to mentor you is even harder.

We at Bridgegap build solutions to these problems creatively and efficiently and bring forth his experiential knowledge to tackle similar situations. We would also help you look beyond the daily operational and tactical issues faced by your startup and help you build a grander vision for it.

Questions to be asked if you’re in need of mentorship.

  • Are you constantly double guessing your strategic decisions and want a 3rd party perspective?
  • Are you too busy to read countless blogs and want answers to burning questions now?
  • Are you looking for advice on how to make a solid go-to-market strategy for your early-stage startup?
  • Are you starting a career in marketing and want mentorship from experienced growth professionals?
  • Are you confused about why your landing page isn’t converting and want a real-time CRO audit?
  • Are you feeling burned out and just want to share your stress with someone that “gets you”?

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